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Flexible Tin Foil Craft Pewter

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Flexible metal sheet easy to cut with hobby scissors or a craft knife. It is a versatile material that offers numerous possibilities in model making and crafts, allowing hobbyists and craftsmen to create realistic and personalized details in their projects. The malleability of Craft Pewter material allows it to be easily moldable as well as paintable, making it a very versatile material. 

Here are some common uses and applications:

  • Details on models: this material is ideal for creating realistic details on models, such as house roofs, building cladding, fences, gutters, flags, plants, fabrics, or for example pipes. Its malleability allows it to be bent and shaped as required.
  • Vehicle and spacecraft cladding: In vehicle and spacecraft modeling, they can be used to simulate sheet metal, especially in the manufacture of bodies, wings, fuselages, and exterior parts.
  • Shaping tools: Craft tin foils are excellent for making custom-forming tools. You can make small presses or molds to shape parts from other materials, such as plastic or clay.
  • Building custom accessories and details: You can use it to create custom accessories, such as airplane flaps, cartwheels, shields, and other details specific to your modeling project. You must always take into account its hardness and the functionality you intend to achieve as it could have some limitations depending on what it is used for.
  • Wear and aging effects: Tinplate is easy to work and paint, so it is ideal for adding wear and aging effects to your models. You can scrape, bend, and paint the sheets to simulate rust, dents, and other signs of use.
  • Scenery and dioramas: They are useful for creating elements in scenery and dioramas, such as building roofs, control panels, fences, railings, lampposts, and other architectural details.
  • Masks and stencils: You can cut tin sheets to create masks and stencils to help you apply acrylic paint or details accurately in your projects.
  • Bases and supports: can be used in conjunction with other heavier materials as a base or support for figures or structures, providing stability and additional weight.
  • Relief art: If you like relief art and embossing, you can use it to create textured artwork. Shape and paint on them for visually interesting results.
  • Jewelry and costume jewelry: In the realm of crafts, embossing tin foil can be used to create custom jewelry and costume jewelry. You can cut, bend, and decorate them to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.


Thickness: 0.2mm (0.180 microns)
Material: Tin foil for embossing
Size: 10x45cm


- The presentation of this material will be folded.
- Magnets do not attract to this material. 
- This material is a 3-layer laminate, the two outer layers are tin crafts and a central one, sandwich-type, which is made of lead and gives it flexibility. It includes lead in its interior, but it is practically not touched when working since it is coated and hidden inside the material itself.

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