Green Stuff World Chameleon Paints

Introducing our collection of Green Stuff Worlds Chameleon Paints. Colour shift paints, also known as iridescent paints, are metallic acrylics that exhibit a mesmerising colour-changing effect depending on the angle of light. Green Stuff World's trademark chameleon paints feature pearlescent particles that dynamically shift hues with varying perspectives. Easy to apply with excellent adhesion and quick drying, these paints achieve optimal results over a black primer for enhanced colour intensity. Whether you desire a matte, satin, or gloss finish, Green Stuff World offers the widest range of colour shift chameleon paints for figures, scale models, and wargames, boasting unparalleled intensity in tone change upon light exposure.
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Due to high demand, occasionally some of our products do go out of stock. We are constantly monitoring our stock levels, and we usually expect to replenish any product line within a couple of weeks. Please contact us with any specific queries.