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How to use a wet palette: Four simple steps to hobby victory

How to use a wet palette: Four simple steps to hobby victory

Wet palettes. They don't sound particularly glamorous. But these simple tools, composed of three basic elements, can make your painting prep game much, much stronger. If you're tired of expensive paint going dry and crusty thanks to the cruel touch of the atmosphere, the wet palette is the product for you. 

Using two layers of specialised foam and paper, wet palettes keep your paints hydrated for longer. And when we say longer, we mean it - you could literally close your palette and leave it unattended for days, still coming back to paint that's good to go. Protect your paint, save on prep time, easily keep that perfect mix of colours preserved. 

In this quick guide we'll explain how easy it is to use one of these handy tools, step-by-step. 


Your wet palette uses a special type of hydro foam to keep your hobby paints fresh. If you've bought your palette new, these will be typically be included, but you can purchase additional foams from... well, us, preferably! 

Green Stuff World Model Making

Run your hydro foam under the tap until it's nicely saturated. Resist the urge to squeeze or wring out the excess moisture (which is harder than you might think). This could damage the foam and reduce its effectiveness significantly.


Gently lay the foam down in your wet palette. If you're using the Green Stuff World version it doesn't matter which side you use. The Army Painter wet palette has a handy brush holder in one half, so leave that free! 


The hydro paper is your work surface - it draws moisture up from the foam to keep your paints workable without diluting them. Lay the paper over your wet foam, doing your best to avoid getting wrinkles or bubbles in it. You want it to be as even as possible. 

Once the paper is in place you can smooth out any creases or wrinkles by gently pushing the edges of the paper outwards. Handle it with care - the paper is easily damaged. 


Your wet palette is ready to go! Just apply your paint to the hydro paper and you're good to go. When you've finished painting, just pop the lid on and secure it in place with the included security band. Always store your wet palette flat - with the hydro foam side on the bottom!  



  • Use less paint than you usually would - the wet palette will help them go further than usual.
  • You can leave paints on the wet palette's surface for multiple days - as long as the lid is closed, your paints will remain workable, saving you time and money.
  • Your palette's moisture level is a matter of personal preference - but a good general rule is to top it up with a pipette around the edges (NOT on the paper itself, it's fine to lift the paper up to refresh the water) when your work surface feels dry to the touch.
  • It's good practice to clean your wet palette regularly. The foam has antibacterial properties but these are not bulletproof - you can gently rinse out the hydro foam and wash the plastic parts in warm, soapy water to keep it clean.

Ready to take the plunge with a wet palette? We've got you covered with a couple of different options. The Green Stuff World wet palette comes in two sizes - the normal version and the beefy XL version. The Army Painter's palette has a handy brush holder in the top lid to make long painting sessions even easier. 

Wet palettes are cheap tools that can make a substantial difference to a painting session - we highly recommend adding one to your hobby desk ASAP! 

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