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Buttery biscuit basing material: GG News #1

Buttery biscuit basing material: GG News #1

Welcome to the GG news blog, where we thrill, chill and delight you with our tales of lower prices, social media promotion, and the imminent arrival of long-awaited stock. Draw closer 'round the fire, travellers - hear my tales.


Good news - especially for those of you with bare, unadorned bases - we've permanently cut prices on most of our selection of base ready bags from Geek Gaming Scenics.

These price cuts are here to stay and we've even put a little promotion on for the rest of the week - save a further 10% when you order two Geek Gaming base mixes


We'll be running our first giveaway soon on Instagram in collaboration with Old VargrYou can follow both of us now for a head start - the giveaway will be announced before the end of the week! Join us as we gently sprinkle free hobby supplies through the community. The more successful these giveaways are, the bigger we can go in future - so definitely get involved. 


Our Wasteland Warfare stock is imminent. It's SO imminent. It's giving us a coy glance from across the bar, but it hasn't worked up the courage to just walk over and approach us yet. Maybe we need to make the first move? I don't know. But it'll be here very soon, including these suited and booted Brotherhood of Steel chaps:

We do, of course, have some fantastic scenics to pair with these IMMINENT miniatures. How about some Dead Grass tufts with a bit of Wasteland Soil or City Rubble

Keep an eye on Instagram for the giveaway announcement - should be live before the end of the week. Back next week with more news - if I'm not, the Radscorpions got me. 

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