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ZIS-150/ZIL-164 280132 1/56


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The ZIS-150 and its successor, the ZIL-164, were prominent Soviet trucks used extensively during the 1950s and beyond. These vehicles were workhorses of logistics and transport, playing crucial roles in various military and civilian applications.

Features of the Kit
Build Options: Allows modelers to construct either a ZIS-150 or a ZIL-164 truck.

Configuration Options:

Rear Trunk Tarpaulin Top: Choose between having a covered or open cargo area.
Side Panels & Tailgate: Options to assemble these components open or closed, providing flexibility in display and diorama setups.
Driver Figure: Includes a driver figure to complete the assembly and add realism.
Historical Significance
ZIS-150: Initially introduced as a successor to the ZIS-5, the ZIS-150 represented an improvement in Soviet truck design and functionality.

ZIL-164: The successor to the ZIS-150, externally distinguished by vertical grille bars and bumper changes, continued the legacy of robust Soviet truck manufacturing.

Modeling and Display
Scale: Designed in 1/56 scale (28mm), suitable for tabletop wargaming and diorama displays alongside other miniature figures and vehicles.

Detail and Realism: Multi-part kit with detailed components to accurately represent the features and configurations of both the ZIS-150 and ZIL-164 trucks.

Educational and Collectible Value
Historical Representation: Provides insights into Soviet automotive industry developments and military logistics during the mid-20th century.

Modeling Challenge: Offers a rewarding modeling experience for hobbyists and collectors interested in military and industrial vehicle history.

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