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UV Ultraviolet Putty 50ml

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GSW UV Putty is a specialized one-component putty designed to address small unevenness and gap filling on various surfaces, including metal, resin, and plastic. Specifically formulated for smart repairs and spot finishing on miniatures and models, this UV putty filler comes in a light-resistant aluminum jar to ensure stability and protection from harmful light sources.

Key Features and Benefits:

One-Component Formula: Ready to use straight from the jar, eliminating the need for additional hardeners or components before application.
UV-Resistant Aluminum Jar: Delivered in an aluminum jar resistant to ultraviolet light, ensuring product stability and preventing premature curing.
Finishing Small Unevenness: Formulated to smooth out even the tiniest micro-holes or irregularities on model surfaces.

Ready to Use: Saves time and effort with its one-component formula, allowing for immediate application.
Smooth Application: Can be applied with a paintbrush, palette knife, or sculpting tool for precise and controlled results.
Effective Gap Filling: Designed to fill gaps and uneven areas, ensuring a seamless finish on models.
Layering Capability: Allows for the application of multiple thin layers consecutively without waiting for each layer to fully cure.
Quick Curing: Cures quickly with ultraviolet light, with curing time dependent on the distance from the light source and layer thickness.
Immediate Processing: Once cured, ready for further processing such as sanding, painting, or other finishing techniques.
Instructions of Use:

Clean the surface of dust and dirt.
Apply putty filler with a spatula, paintbrush, sculpting tool, or silicone shaper.
Wipe off excess product and smooth with alcohol.
Cure with ultraviolet light for 15 seconds at a distance of 1 cm.
Once cured, can be sanded, polished, or drilled as needed.
Technical Data:

Color: Semi-translucent for achieving a natural appearance on various surfaces.
Storage: Recommended to store between 7°C and 25°C inside the aluminum jar, protected from ultraviolet light sources and direct sunlight.
Shelf Life: 12 months, ensuring usability over an extended period.
In summary, GSW UV Putty offers a convenient and effective solution for finishing small unevenness on miniatures and small models. Its user-friendly one-component formula, smooth application, and quick curing time make it an ideal choice for modelers and hobbyists alike.

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