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Urban Diorama Colours Set


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Create realistic urban environments with this specialized set of acrylic colors, meticulously designed to replicate the diverse tones and textures found in cityscapes. Whether painting brick walls, stone facades, or paved surfaces, this set of six 17mL jars ensures you achieve authentic and detailed finishes in your dioramas and scale models.

Key Features:

Diverse Urban Tones: Includes six essential colors for replicating urban surfaces such as brick walls, stone facades, and concrete pavements.

Versatile Application: Ideal for use with both brush and airbrush techniques, allowing for precise detailing and blending.

Optimal Formulation: Each color is formulated for maximum performance, ensuring smooth application and excellent coverage.

Easy Mixing: Steel agitator balls in each jar facilitate thorough mixing, maintaining paint consistency and quality.

User-Friendly Characteristics: Water soluble, odorless, and non-toxic formulation ensures safe use in any modeling environment.

Scale Reduction Effect: Colors are designed to replicate real-world tones at scale, enhancing the realism of urban scenes.

Recommended Thinner: A.MIG-2000 Acrylic Thinner is recommended for achieving the best paint consistency and flow.

Quick Drying: Colors dry completely within 24 hours, allowing for efficient layering and detailing in dioramas.

Colours Included:

MIG041 Dark Rust
MIG102 Ochre Brown
MIG921 Red Primer Light Base
MIG064 Earth Brown
MIG059 Dark Concrete
MIG075 Light Concrete
Enhance the authenticity of your urban dioramas and scenes with this comprehensive set of acrylic paints, perfect for achieving realistic textures and tones of various urban surfaces. Whether you're detailing a city street or a building facade, these colors provide the essential palette for creating lifelike urban environments.

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