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Splinter Camouflage Set

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Acrylic Colors Set. 6 jars 17ml.

High quality acrylic paints designed for accurately painting your miniatures.

Bring historical accuracy to your miniatures with the MIG7029 Splinter Camouflage set. This set includes six carefully selected colors to replicate the distinct and complex WWII German Splinter camouflage scheme, originally designed in the 1930s and used extensively throughout the war.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Set: Includes six essential colors for the Splinter camouflage pattern:

MIGF532 Red Brown
MIGF533 Dark Brown
MIGF534 Olive Green
MIGF535 Italian Green Camo
MIGF536 Splinter Grey
MIGF537 Sunny Skintone
Rigorous Research: Colors selected based on extensive research of period uniforms, ensuring historical accuracy for your models.

User-Friendly: Designed for maximum performance with both brush and airbrush, these water-soluble, odorless, non-flammable, and non-toxic paints ensure a safe and enjoyable painting experience.

Painting Techniques:

Layering and Blending: Ideal for traditional layering and blending techniques used in figure painting.
Mixed Blending Techniques: Suitable for the latest mixed blending techniques, offering flexibility for achieving intricate details and realistic finishes.
Why Choose AMMO by MIG?

The AMMO by MIG range of acrylic paints is crafted to make your painting sessions more enjoyable and efficient, bringing new materials and techniques within reach of all model enthusiasts. The Splinter Camouflage set provides the essential tools to bring WWII German figures to life with vibrant and accurate colors.

Whether you're an experienced figure painter or just starting, the MIG7029 Splinter Camouflage set offers the essential colors needed to achieve detailed and realistic Splinter patterns effortlessly. Enjoy a more accessible and enjoyable painting experience with these expertly formulated colors.

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