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Soviet Uniforms WWII Set


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Achieve historical accuracy and stunning detail with the AMMO by MIG Soviet Uniforms WWII Set. This high-quality set includes four acrylic colors specifically designed for painting the uniforms of the Red Army during World War II. Meticulously researched, these colors ensure an authentic and vibrant finish for your Soviet miniatures.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Set: Includes four essential colors for painting Soviet uniforms:

AMMOF503 Dark Olive Green FS-34130
AMMOF504 Yellow Green FS-34259
AMMOF505 Pale Yellow Green FS-33481
AMMOF506 Medium Russian Green FS-34092
Versatile Mixing: All colors can be mixed with each other and with the full range of AMMO acrylics, allowing for a wide variety of hues and tones to achieve the perfect look.

User-Friendly: Formulated for maximum performance with both brush and airbrush, these water-soluble, odorless, non-flammable, and non-toxic paints ensure a safe and enjoyable painting experience.

Painting Techniques:

Layering and Blending: Perfect for traditional layering and blending techniques used in figure painting.
Mixed Blending Techniques: Suitable for the latest mixed blending techniques, offering flexibility for all modelers to achieve intricate details and realistic finishes.
Why Choose AMMO by MIG?

AMMO by MIG is renowned in the modeling community for its high-quality paints and accessories. The Soviet Uniforms WWII Set simplifies the painting process, providing all the necessary colors to achieve detailed and historically accurate Soviet uniforms with ease.

Whether you're an experienced figure painter or just starting, the AMMO by MIG Soviet Uniforms WWII Set offers the essential tools to bring your WWII Soviet figures to life with authenticity and detail. Enjoy a more accessible and enjoyable painting experience with these expertly formulated colors.

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