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Sherman Tanks Vol 3 Set


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Dive into the historical colors of the M4 Sherman tanks used by the US Marine Corps during World War II, specifically tailored for modeling projects depicting their operations in the Pacific Theater. This set provides accurate colors, including the distinctive "Marine Green" and other essential camouflage shades used by the USMC. Formulated for maximum performance with both brush and airbrush applications, these paints feature a Scale Reduction-Effect for precise color application on models. Each 17ml jar includes a stainless steel ball agitator for easy mixing. Water soluble, odorless, and non-toxic, these paints ensure safe and convenient use indoors.

Colours Included:

MIG046 Matt Black: Essential for details and contrasts on the tank model.

MIG135 Cinnamon: Used for weathering effects and adding depth to the model.

MIG138 Desert Yellow: Represents camouflage used in specific operational environments.

MIG139 Red Earth: Adds weathering and realistic earth tones to the model.

MIG915 Dark Green (BS 241): Represents the distinctive "Marine Green" used by the USMC.

MIG926 Olive Drab Base: Represents the standard base color for Sherman tanks, essential for authenticity.


Optimal Formulation: Formulated for maximum performance with smooth application and blending properties.

Scale Reduction-Effect: Ensures accurate color representation on miniature models.

Water Soluble: Easy cleanup with water, suitable for indoor use without strong odors.

Non-Toxic and Odorless: Safe formulation for prolonged use without health concerns.

Stainless Steel Agitator: Each jar includes a stainless steel ball agitator for thorough mixing and consistent pigment distribution.

Recommended Thinner: A.MIG-2000 Acrylic Thinner is recommended for achieving optimal thinning and paint performance.

Drying Time: Paints dry completely within 24 hours, facilitating efficient workflow and layering.

Ideal for enthusiasts and modelers alike, this set captures the essence of Sherman tanks used by the US Marine Corps in the Pacific Theater, offering essential colors to recreate historical accuracy and realistic details on miniature models.

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