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SdKfz 3A Opel Maultier 280046 1/56


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The Rubicon Models SdKfz 3a Opel Maultier kit provides a highly detailed 1/56 scale plastic model of the German half-track truck used extensively during World War II, particularly on the Eastern Front.

Historical Background
SdKfz 3 Maultier ("Mule"): The Maultier was a series of half-track trucks adapted from standard wheeled vehicles like those from Opel, Mercedes-Benz, Alfa-Romeo, and Ford. These conversions aimed to address the mobility issues faced by German wheeled transport vehicles in the muddy conditions of the Eastern Front, known as rasputitsa. The SdKfz 3a was a notable variant based on the 3-ton Opel Blitz truck.
Operational Need: German troops found their wheeled transport vehicles ineffective in the muddy terrain of the Eastern Front. Half-tracks could traverse these conditions but were needed for combat roles. The solution was to convert standard trucks by removing their rear axles and fitting them with Panzer I or Panzer II track assemblies, depending on the truck's weight.
Service and Variants: Most Maultier trucks were based on the Opel Blitz model S. They were effective and more economical than purpose-built half-tracks. In 1943, some Maultiers were equipped with armored bodies and designated as SdKfz 4, with some versions (SdKfz 4/1) armed with 10-tube rocket launchers (Panzerwerfer 42).
Product Highlights
Ease of Assembly: The model kit features a one-piece engine and truck cab for straightforward assembly.
Customization Options:
Two rear trunk options for early or mid-to-late war configurations.
Two headlight options: standard or small blackout lights.
Detachable canvas top with options for an open or closed rear tarpaulin.
Additional accessories including an optional searchlight, spare tyre, benches, and fuel cans.
Figures Included: The kit includes figures for the driver and passenger, enhancing the model's realism and diorama potential.
Model Description
Scale: 1/56 (28mm)
Material: Plastic (ABS cement required)
Components: Multiple sprues with detailed parts allowing for various build configurations.
Figures: Includes driver and passenger figures.
This model kit offers an accurate and detailed representation of the SdKfz 3a Opel Maultier, ideal for historical modelers and enthusiasts of WWII German military vehicles.

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