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Sdkfz 305/3A Expansion - Box Body 280047 1/56


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The Rubicon Models SdKfz 305/3a Box Body (Einheitskoffer) expansion set offers a detailed 1/56 scale plastic model depicting a variant of the Opel Blitz and Opel Maultier used by the German military during World War II. This kit enhances the versatility of the base vehicles by providing options for specialized roles such as workshop, laboratory, command, communication, and more.

Historical Context
Einheitskoffer Design: The Einheitskoffer was a standardized box body design used across various German trucks during WWII. It offered identical dimensions and configurations for windows, doors, stowage boxes, and internal layout, constructed from plywood and hard-fiber panels. This standardized approach allowed for a wide range of specialized roles including workshops, ambulances, kitchens, and more.
Variants and Usage: The design variations included differences in superstructure frame, telescopic antenna mast, stowage space, internal lighting, and additional tools. The Luftwaffe alone introduced numerous variants, numbering up to 137 under the Kfz 305 designation.
Expansion Kit: This expansion set is designed to complement the base kits of the SdKfz 305 Opel Blitz (280026) and SdKfz 3a Opel Maultier (280046), converting them into specialized Box Body variants suitable for various logistical and operational roles.
Product Highlights
Compatibility: Add-on product for SdKfz 305 (Opel Blitz) and SdKfz 3a (Opel Maultier) base kits by Rubicon Models.
Customization Options:
Optional rooftop ventilation for the box body.
Choice of rear ladder in folded or extended position.
Includes optional fuel cans and spare tyre for additional detailing.
Detailing: Offers intricate details such as specific superstructure features, stowage boxes, and other equipment associated with specialized roles.
Historical Accuracy: Designed to replicate the unique characteristics and versatility of the Einheitskoffer used extensively by the German military.
Model Description
Scale: 1/56 (28mm)
Material: Plastic (Assembly requires ABS cement)
Parts: Multiple sprues with detailed components for accurate representation.
Optional Features: Allows modelers to choose configurations that suit specific historical contexts or diorama requirements.
Expansion Set: Enhances the realism and functionality of the base Opel Blitz and Opel Maultier models by transforming them into specialized Box Body variants.
This model kit from Rubicon Models provides historical modelers and enthusiasts with the opportunity to recreate detailed scenes and scenarios involving logistical and operational support vehicles used by the German forces during WWII.

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