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SdKfz 250/251 Expansion - 250/3 & 251/3 280039 1/56


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The Rubicon Models SdKfz 250/3 and SdKfz 251/3 expansion set provides modelers with the parts needed to transform their existing SdKfz 250/1 and SdKfz 251/1 kits into the communication variants used by the German Wehrmacht during World War II. This expansion set allows for the creation of historically significant command vehicles, including those famously used by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.

Historical Background
SdKfz 250/3 and SdKfz 251/3: These were communication variants equipped with extra radio equipment and antennae for command purposes. The most famous of these vehicles is Rommel’s command vehicle, "Greif," which was widely documented in German newsreels.
Eastern Front: These vehicles saw extensive use on the Eastern Front until 1944. The distinctive large Rahmen (bedframe) antennae made them easily identifiable, which later led to the adoption of Stern (light aerial) antennae for better camouflage and survivability.
Product Highlights
Compatibility: This expansion set is designed to be used with the following base kits:
280032 SdKfz 250/1 Alte
280038 SdKfz 250/1 Neu
280031 SdKfz 251/1 Ausf C
280018 SdKfz 251/1 Ausf D
Build Options:
SdKfz 250/3 Alte or Neu: Choose between the early or late version of the SdKfz 250/3.
SdKfz 251/3 Ausf C or Ausf D: Choose between the early or late version of the SdKfz 251/3.
Parts Included:
Rahmen and Stern Antennae Options: Provides both the iconic bedframe antenna and the later light aerial antenna.
Highly Detailed Interior: Ensures authenticity with intricate details for the vehicle's interior.
Figures Included: Comes with five figures, including a representation of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.
Sprues: Contains 40 pieces on 1 sprue.
Product Description
Detailed and Versatile: This expansion kit enhances your base SdKfz models by adding command and communication features, allowing for the recreation of historically significant command vehicles.
Figures and Details: The inclusion of figures and detailed interior parts adds realism and depth to the model, making it a standout piece in any collection.
Modeling Options: The ability to build either the SdKfz 250 or SdKfz 251 variant, and the choice between different versions, provides flexibility and customization for modelers.
The SdKfz 250/3 and SdKfz 251/3 expansion set is an excellent addition for enthusiasts looking to expand their WWII model collection with historically significant command vehicles.

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