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Morris Quad 280114 1/56


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The Rubicon Models 1/56 scale Morris C8 “Quad” model kit offers a detailed and historically accurate representation of the iconic British artillery tractor used extensively during World War II. Known for its distinctive "beetle back" shape, the Morris C8 was integral in towing field artillery and anti-tank guns for the British and Commonwealth forces.

Historical Significance:

Development: The Morris Commercial C8 FAT (Field Artillery Tractor), or "Quad", was developed following a 1937 War Department specification for a new artillery tractor. It aimed to replace earlier models like the Light Dragon and Morris CDSWs. The design was derived from the Morris CS8 15-cwt GS truck, featuring a new four-cylinder engine mounted on a sub-frame.
Service: The Quad was used to tow artillery pieces such as the 25-pounder gun-howitzer and the 17-pounder anti-tank gun. Its production spanned from 1939 to 1945, with over 10,000 units built. The vehicle saw service in multiple theatres during WWII, including with the Canadian Army.

Mk I: Only 200 units produced, featuring a front axle with a locking differential, mounted above the springs, and a central accelerator pedal.
Mk II: Approximately 4,000 units produced, almost identical to Mk I but without the locking differential provision.
Mk III: Approximately 6,000 units produced, featuring a front axle mounted below the springs, selectable four-wheel drive, and a conventionally mounted right pedal accelerator.
Kit Features
Multi-Slide Mould Cabs: Detailed cabs for both Mk II and Mk III variants are included, providing options for historical accuracy and customization.

Build Options:

Choice of Mk II or Mk III: Allows for the creation of either version, reflecting the changes in design and functionality over the production period.
Top Hatch and Doors: Can be assembled in either open or closed positions, adding to the model's versatility and display options.
Driver Figure: Includes a driver in Commonwealth uniform to enhance realism and historical accuracy.

Highly Detailed Components: The kit features intricate details that capture the unique characteristics of the Morris C8, from its sloped sides to its functional aspects.

Educational and Display Value
This model kit is ideal for historical modelers, military enthusiasts, and wargamers. It provides a detailed look at one of the key vehicles in the British and Commonwealth artillery units during World War II. The ability to build either the Mk II or Mk III variant adds depth to the historical representation, making it a valuable addition to any collection.

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