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Modern US Army Acrylic Paint Set


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Achieve accurate colors for a variety of modern and in-service U.S. Army vehicles with this comprehensive acrylic paint set. Ideal for modeling vehicles like the M1A1, MRAPs, M109, M113, and M2, among others, this set covers a range of camouflage schemes and interior colors used in various theatres of operation.

Included Colors:

MIG046 Matt Black: Essential for detailing tires, undercarriages, and other components needing a dark, neutral base.

MIG085 NATO Brown: Provides a warm brown tone suitable for NATO camouflage patterns and various desert environments.

MIG025 US Modern Vehicles FS33446: Specifically formulated to match the standard modern U.S. Army vehicle color, ideal for overall base coats.

MIG081 US Olive Drab FS24087: Captures the iconic olive drab color used historically and in modern applications across different military vehicles.

MIG082 Interior Light Green: Specifically designed for painting interior surfaces of military vehicles, providing authenticity to exposed interiors.

MIG084 NATO Green: Offers a versatile green shade commonly used in NATO camouflage patterns and military vehicle applications.

Key Features:

Acrylic Formulation: Ensures high performance with both brush and airbrush techniques, allowing for precise application and blending.

Scale Reduction-Effect: Designed to maintain realism by adjusting color tones for scale models, ensuring accurate representation of real-world vehicles.

Water Soluble, Odorless, Non-Toxic: Safe and convenient for indoor use, with minimal odor and easy cleanup using water.

Stainless Steel Agitator: Each jar includes a stainless steel agitator to facilitate thorough mixing, preventing pigment settling and ensuring consistent color application.

Recommended Thinner: Use A.MIG-2000 Acrylic Thinner for optimal thinning, enhancing paint flow and blending capabilities.

Dries Completely in 24 Hours: Allows for layering, weathering, and detailing without compromising adhesion or finish integrity.

This set is essential for hobbyists and enthusiasts seeking to accurately depict modern U.S. Army vehicles in their model collections. Whether for historical accuracy or contemporary military scenes, these colors provide the authenticity and quality needed to create detailed and realistic military vehicle models.

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