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Modern Russian Camouflage Set


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Explore the authentic colors used in modern Russian camouflage schemes with this meticulously selected acrylic paint set. Designed for modeling contemporary military vehicles, this collection ensures accuracy and realism in depicting current camouflage patterns seen in various conflicts worldwide.

Included Colors:

MIG046 Matt Black: Essential for creating contrast and detailing in camouflage patterns.

MIG051 Light Green KHV-553M: Represents a modern light green used in contemporary Russian military vehicles.

MIG057 Yellow Grey: Provides a unique color for specific camouflage applications in modern Russian schemes.

MIG070 Medium Brown Dark Earth (BS 450): Mimics earthy tones used for blending into various terrains.

MIG083 Zashchitniy Zeleno (Russian Postwar Green): Offers a distinct green shade historically used in postwar Russian military vehicles.

MIG210 FS 35237 Blue gray AMT-11: A versatile color for modern Russian vehicle camouflage, adapting to different environmental conditions.

Key Features:

Acrylic Formulation: Formulated for maximum performance with both brush and airbrush techniques, ensuring smooth application and blending capabilities.

Scale Reduction-Effect: Adjusts colors for scale models, maintaining authenticity and realism on miniature representations.

Water Soluble, Odorless, Non-Toxic: Safe for indoor use with easy cleanup using water, featuring a low odor during application.

Stainless Steel Agitator: Each jar includes a stainless steel agitator to facilitate thorough mixing, preventing pigment settling and ensuring consistency.

Recommended Thinner: Use MIG -2000 Acrylic Thinner for optimal thinning, enhancing paint flow and application properties.

Dries Completely in 24 Hours: Allows for layering, weathering, and detailing without compromising paint integrity or finish quality.

This set is ideal for modelers and enthusiasts aiming to replicate current Russian military camouflage patterns on scale models with precision and authenticity. Perfect for depicting vehicles used in contemporary conflicts, providing a realistic portrayal of modern warfare aesthetics.

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