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M4A3 / M4A3E8 Sherman 280042 1/56


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The Rubicon Models M4A3/M4A3E8 Sherman model kit provides a highly detailed and versatile 1/56 scale plastic model of the famous WWII American medium tank. This kit allows modelers to build various versions of the M4A3, reflecting its evolution and improvements over the course of the war.

Historical Background
M4A3 Sherman: Powered by the reliable Ford GAA V8 engine, the M4A3 became the preferred variant for the US Army starting in 1944. A major overhaul in late 1943 introduced larger hatches, redesigned ammunition stowage for improved safety, and a simplified glacis.
M4A3(76mm)W: This variant, featuring the larger 76mm gun, entered service in September 1944 to address the inadequacies of the 75mm gun against newer German tanks. The M1A1 76mm gun's initial anti-tank performance was modest, but improved with the later introduction of HVAP projectiles.
M4A3E8 "Easy Eight": This final version, equipped with the HVSS suspension and wider tracks, greatly improved cross-country performance. It saw service starting in December 1944 during the Ardennes Offensive and continued to be used through the Korean War and beyond by various nations.
Product Highlights
Build Options: This kit offers the flexibility to build:
An early or late version of the M4A3(76mm)W with distinct turret hatches and other details.
The M4A3E8 with the HVSS suspension and extended end-connectors for improved performance in muddy conditions.
Detailed Components:
Separate hull and cupola hatches.
Both early and late production T23 turrets.
Both VVSS and HVSS suspension systems.
Optional tracks with 'duckbills' extended end-connectors.
Commander figure and stowage items included for added realism.
Model Description
Scale: 1/56 (28mm)
Material: Plastic (ABS cement required)
Components: Multiple sprues with detailed parts for various build configurations.
Figures: Includes a commander figure for added detail and diorama potential.
Stowage Items: Various stowage items included to enhance the authenticity of the finished model.
This model kit offers a comprehensive and detailed representation of the M4A3 and M4A3E8 Sherman tanks, ideal for both historical enthusiasts and model builders.

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