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M4A2 Sherman / Sherman III 280055 1/56


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The M4A2 Sherman / Sherman III model kit from Rubicon Models offers a detailed portrayal of this significant World War II tank variant. Here’s an overview highlighting its features, historical context, and details of the model kit itself.

Historical Background
Design and Production: The M4A2 Sherman was equipped with a GM6046 twin diesel engine, making it unique among Sherman variants used by Allied forces. It was produced in significant numbers from April 1942 to July 1945, with over 10,968 units manufactured across six different factories.
Combat Usage: While the M4A2 saw limited combat in US hands, it became a preferred version for Soviet Lend-Lease deliveries due to its diesel engine compatibility with Soviet tank doctrine.
British Service: Designated as the Sherman III in British service, it featured various turret configurations and was employed extensively in North Africa, Italy, and Northwest Europe.
Product Features
Scale: 1/56 (28mm)
Components: The kit includes detailed plastic parts for assembly.
M4A2: Represents the US Army version with options for open or closed hatches on both hull and turret.
Sherman III: Options to build the British variant with low or high bustle 75mm turrets, reflecting different production and operational configurations.
Interior and Exterior: Detailed portrayal of both chassis and turret interiors, providing a realistic depiction suitable for modeling and dioramas.
Crew Figures: Includes tank crew figures to enhance realism and narrative possibilities in displays.
Build and Customization
Assembly: Requires ABS cement for secure attachment of parts.
Painting and Weathering: Ideal for modelers interested in historical accuracy and realistic weathering techniques to depict combat-worn appearance.
Options: Choice to configure the tank with specific turret types, hatches, and crew positions, allowing for customization based on preference or historical accuracy.
The Rubicon Models M4A2 Sherman / Sherman III model kit is designed for enthusiasts and collectors interested in World War II military history, particularly the role of the Sherman tank in Allied operations. With its comprehensive detailing, variant options, and inclusion of crew figures, it offers a rewarding modeling experience for hobbyists and historical diorama builders.

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