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M4A1 (75) Sherman 280086 1/56


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The Rubicon Models M4A1(75) Sherman kit offers an accurate and detailed model of the first production version of the iconic M4 Sherman medium tank. This kit allows modelers to build either the Direct Vision or small hatch variant, providing flexibility and historical accuracy.

Historical Background
Development and Production:

The M4A1 Sherman was the first production version of the M4 Sherman medium tank, debuting in combat during Operation Torch in North Africa in November 1942.
The tank was equipped with a Continental R-975 air-cooled radial engine and featured a one-piece cast hull.
It was available with either a 75mm or 76mm gun and saw extensive use by the US, Britain, South Africa, France (in small numbers), and China.
Combat History:

The M4A1 Shermans replaced the older M3 tanks in US tank battalions throughout the North African campaign.
Renowned for its reliability, ease of production, and availability in large numbers, the Sherman became a staple in Allied armored forces.

M4A1(75) Sherman (Sherman II): 75mm gun (6,181 units produced).
M4A1(75) Sherman: With large hatches (100 units produced).
M4A1(76)W Sherman (Sherman IIA): Featured “wet” ammunition stowage (2,171 units produced).
M4A1(76)W HVSS Sherman (Sherman IIAY): Equipped with HVSS suspension (1,255 units produced).
Product Features
Scale: 1/56 (28mm)

Kit Contents:

Tank Variants: Build options for both Direct Vision and small hatch variants.
Turret Options: Includes both low and high bustle turrets.
Gun Manlets: Multiple gun manlets to choose from.
Hatches: Options for open or closed command and crew hatches.
Crew Figures: Includes detailed tank crew figures.
Additional Highlights:

Highly detailed parts for accurate assembly.
Flexible build options cater to both novice and experienced modelers.
Clear instructions for easy assembly and customization.
Assembly and Display
Modeling Experience: The M4A1(75) Sherman kit provides a rewarding building experience, with detailed parts and options that capture the historical accuracy of this iconic tank.
Display Potential: The completed model is perfect for dioramas representing various theaters of World War II, showcasing the tank’s versatility and importance in the Allied forces.
Historical Accuracy: The kit’s attention to detail ensures an authentic representation of the M4A1 Sherman, with options to depict different variants used in various combat scenarios.
The Rubicon Models M4A1(75) Sherman kit is an excellent addition to any historical model collection. It offers detailed and flexible build options that allow for an accurate and historically significant representation of the first production version of the Sherman tank. Perfect for modelers interested in World War II history and military vehicles, this kit provides a comprehensive and enjoyable modeling experience.

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