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M10 / M36 Tank Destroyer 280029 1/56

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The Rubicon Models 1/56 scale M10 Wolverine / M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer kit offers modelers the ability to build iconic US and British tank destroyers from World War II. Here’s a detailed overview of the product:

Historical Background:

M10 Tank Destroyer (Wolverine): Based on the M4 Sherman chassis, the M10 was armed with the 3-inch (76.2 mm) M7 Gun. It served as a mobile tank destroyer for the US Army during World War II, known for its turret-mounted gun and effective anti-tank capabilities. Approximately 6,706 units were produced.

17-pounder SP Achilles: A variant of the M10 used by British, Canadian, and Polish forces, equipped with the powerful 17-pounder (76 mm) anti-tank gun. This variant provided superior armor penetration compared to the original M10's 3-inch gun.

M36 Tank Destroyer (Jackson): An upgraded version of the M10, the M36 replaced the 3-inch gun with a formidable 90mm gun. It first saw combat in Europe in 1944 and proved highly effective against German armored units. Around 1,400 units were produced during the war.

Model Kit Overview:

Scale and Components: This kit is in 1/56 (28mm) scale and includes 3 sprues with detailed parts.
Build Options: Builders can construct several variants, including the M10, M10A1, Achilles Ic & IIc, M36, M36B2, and M36B1 (which requires the M4A3 kit, 280012).
Interchangeable Turrets: The kit includes three interchangeable turrets: M10, 17-pounder SP (Achilles), and M36, allowing for different configurations and historical accuracy.
Detailing Features: It features a simplified yet detailed turret interior, enhancing realism without compromising assembly ease.
Historical Accuracy: Designed to accurately reflect the distinct characteristics and configurations of each variant, capturing their roles and impact during World War II and beyond.
Versatility: Suitable for dioramas, miniature wargaming, or collectors interested in historical military vehicles.
Options for Customization: Various turret and gun configurations provide options for modeling different combat scenarios and theaters of operation.
Product Highlights:

Historical Significance: Represents key vehicles that played critical roles in US and Allied armored operations during World War II.
Scale Compatibility: Ideal for use with 28mm gaming systems or as part of detailed dioramas depicting historical battles.
Detailed Components: Includes parts for accessories, turret options, and additional features to enhance model authenticity.
Ease of Assembly: Designed for both novice and experienced modelers, combining intricate details with user-friendly assembly.
This Rubicon Models kit offers a comprehensive package for enthusiasts looking to recreate and explore the history of the M10 Wolverine and M36 Jackson Tank Destroyers.

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