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LVT-4 Water Buffalo 280068 1/56

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The Rubicon Models LVT-4 Water Buffalo model kit represents a significant evolution of the Landing Vehicle, Tracked (LVT) series, designed for amphibious warfare during World War II. Here’s a detailed overview of its features, historical context, and specifics of the model kit:

Historical Background
Development and Evolution: The LVT series originated from Donald Roebling's Alligator, evolving into military use with the LVT-1 in 1941. The LVT-4, introduced in August 1943, improved upon earlier models by relocating the engine forward and adding a large rear ramp door, significantly enhancing troop deployment and cargo handling capabilities. It could carry up to 30 fully equipped troops, making it a versatile assault and logistical vehicle.

Variants and Armament: Many LVT-4s were armed, with some British variants equipped with a 20mm Polsten cannon and two .30 caliber Browning machine guns. This variant saw extensive use in amphibious assaults, including notable engagements like the Battle of Saipan in June 1944.

Operational History: The LVT series, including the LVT-4, played a crucial role in amphibious operations across various theaters of World War II. It served with the US Marine Corps, US Army, British, Canadian, Australian, and other Allied armies, contributing to successful beach landings, troop movements, and logistical support missions.

Product Features
Scale: 1/56 (28mm)
Components: Detailed plastic parts enable construction of the LVT-4 Water Buffalo model.
Customization Options: Offers options for open or closed hatches, providing flexibility for display preferences.
Detailed Design: Highly detailed tracks and components replicate the rugged construction and functionality required for both land and amphibious operations.
Waterline Option: Includes a waterline option, ideal for depicting the vehicle during amphibious operations.
Optional Armament: Provides opportunities for adding optional pewter crew figures and armament details (sold separately), enhancing realism and historical accuracy.
Assembly and Detailing
Historical Accuracy: Designed with meticulous attention to historical details, ensuring an accurate representation of the LVT-4’s design, features, and role in World War II.
Painting and Weathering: Allows for various painting and weathering techniques to replicate historical camouflage patterns and battle-worn appearances, ideal for dioramas or gaming scenarios.
Additional Notes
Versatility: Suitable for collectors, historical enthusiasts, and hobbyists interested in World War II military vehicles, offering opportunities for display and diorama creation.
Educational Value: Represents an important vehicle in amphibious warfare history, showcasing advancements in amphibious assault tactics and logistics during World War II.
The Rubicon Models LVT-4 Water Buffalo model kit combines historical accuracy with detailed modeling options, providing enthusiasts with a compelling representation of this pivotal World War II amphibious vehicle. With its customizable features and high-quality detailing, the kit offers a platform for creative modeling and exploration of military history.

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