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Luftwaffe Mid War Set


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This acrylic paint set is meticulously designed to accurately replicate the camouflage colors used by the Luftwaffe during the mid-years of World War II, including nightfighters. It enables modelers to faithfully depict a range of aircraft from iconic fighters like the Bf 109, Bf 110, and Fw 190 to specialized nightfighters such as the He 219 or Me 410. The colors included in this set are based on RLM (Reichsluftfahrtministerium) and Federal Standard references, ensuring precision and authenticity.

Product Features:

Accurate Colors: Based on RLM and Federal Standard references, ensuring exact color matches.
Scale Effect Compensation: Colors are slightly lightened to compensate for the scale effect on model aircraft.
Optimized Formulation: Each color is formulated for maximum performance with both brush and airbrush techniques.
Water Soluble: Easy cleanup with water.
Odorless and Non-Toxic: Safe for indoor use.
Stainless Steel Agitator: Each 17ml jar includes a stainless steel ball agitator for thorough mixing.
Quick Drying: Paints dry completely within 24 hours, facilitating efficient workflow.
Colors Included:

MIG046 Matt Black - Used for various applications including cockpit interiors and certain camouflage patterns.
MIG063 Pale Grey - A versatile color often used in Luftwaffe camouflage schemes.
MIG253 RLM 74 Graugrün - Represents a green-grey color used on upper surfaces of Luftwaffe aircraft.
MIG254 RLM 75 Grauviolett - Represents a grey-violet color used in Luftwaffe camouflage patterns.
This set is ideal for modelers interested in accurately depicting Luftwaffe aircraft from the mid-war period, including both day fighters and nightfighters. For optimal results, it is recommended to use A.MIG-2000 Acrylic Thinner for thinning the paints.

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