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Luftwaffe Desert Colours Set


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This set of high-quality acrylic paints is specially formulated to accurately represent the colors used by the Luftwaffe during the desert campaigns of World War II. It is designed to enable modelers to paint various aircraft that served in this theater of operations, including iconic planes like the Bf 109F of Hans-Joachim Marseille, the Hs 129, Fw 190, and He 111, among others. The colors included in this set have been meticulously chosen to match historical references and have been slightly lightened to account for the scale effect, ensuring realistic application on scale models. Formulated for maximum performance with both brush and airbrush techniques, these paints are easy to use and provide a professional finish.

Product Features:

Accurate Representation: Colors based on historical references for Luftwaffe aircraft in desert campaigns.
Scale Effect Compensation: Colors are slightly lightened to compensate for the scale effect on model aircraft.
Acrylic Formula: Formulated for optimal performance with both brush and airbrush.
Water Soluble: Easy cleanup with water.
Odorless and Non-Toxic: Safe for indoor use.
Stainless Steel Agitator: Each 17ml jar includes a stainless steel ball agitator for thorough mixing.
Quick Drying: Paints dry completely within 24 hours, facilitating efficient workflow.
Colors Included:

MIG125 Gold Yellow (RLM 04 Gelb) - Represents the distinctive yellow used on Luftwaffe aircraft in desert environments.
MIG222 RLM 79 Sandgelb - Mimics the sand yellow color used for camouflage on aircraft like the Bf 109.
MIG247 RLM 78 Hellblau - A new color addition, representing a light blue shade used in desert schemes.
MIG248 RLM 80 Olivgrün - Another new addition, representing an olive green shade used in desert camouflage.
This set is ideal for modelers looking to accurately recreate the desert camouflage schemes of Luftwaffe aircraft from World War II. For best results, thinning with A.MIG-2000 Acrylic Thinner is recommended.

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