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Kings Of War Dwarfs Paint Set


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The Dwarfs paint set is crafted to help you paint any type of dwarf army, including their war machines and detailed weaponry. This set offers a versatile palette of high-quality paints, perfect for bringing your dwarf miniatures to life.


WP1133 Weapon Bronze: Ideal for painting armor and metallic details
WP1231 Bright Gold: Perfect for highlights and ornate decorations
WP1127 Tanned Flesh: For realistic skin tones
WP1136 Quickshade Dark Tone Wash: Adds depth and shading
WP1218 Babe Blonde: Great for hair and beards
WP1206 Dirt Spatter: For weathering and realistic effects
WP1460 Vampire Red: For vibrant details and accents
WP1431 Hemp Rope: Perfect for ropes and other natural details
WP1464 Werewolf Fur: Ideal for fur and natural textures
WP1430 Hardened Carapace: For dark, sturdy surfaces
Key Features:

Versatile Palette: Suitable for all types of dwarf armies, including their war machines and detailed weaponry
High-Quality Paints: Ensures vibrant colors and excellent coverage
Designed for Kings of War: Perfect for painting detailed and dynamic dwarf miniatures
Bring your dwarf army to life with the Kings of War Dwarfs Paint Set, featuring a range of colors designed to make your miniatures stand out on the battlefield!

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