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King Tiger Interior Colours Set


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This specialized acrylic paint set is designed specifically for painting the interior of a King Tiger tank, including accurate colors for various components such as the fighting compartment, transmission, gearbox, and engine. Ideal for Takom’s King Tiger model and applicable to other German tanks from the end of World War II, this set ensures precise detailing and realism in your model.

Included Colors:

MIG003 Reseda Green: Authentic green shade for transmission and gearbox components.

MIG014 RAL 8012 Rotbraun: Represents the red-brown color used in German tanks for various interior components.

MIG017 RAL 9001 Cremeweiss: Essential for painting the fighting compartment in a cream white color.

MIG194 Matt Aluminum: Perfect for replicating metallic surfaces such as engine parts or mechanical components.

MIG197 Brass: Provides a realistic brass color, ideal for detailing smaller parts and fixtures within the tank's interior.

MIG218 RLM 66 Schwartzgrau: Dark gray color used for various interior components, enhancing depth and contrast.

Key Features:

Acrylic Formulation: Formulated for optimal performance with both brush and airbrush techniques, ensuring smooth application and blending.

Scale Reduction-Effect: Adjusts colors for scale models, maintaining accuracy and realism in miniature representations.

Water Soluble, Odorless, Non-Toxic: Safe for indoor use with easy cleanup using water, featuring minimal odor during application.

Stainless Steel Agitator: Each jar includes a stainless steel agitator for thorough mixing, preventing pigment settling and ensuring consistency.

Comprehensive Coverage: Covers all essential colors needed to replicate the interior details of King Tiger tanks and similar German tanks from the late WWII period.

Specialized for Historical Accuracy: Developed based on historical references to ensure authenticity in color and detail, suitable for modeling enthusiasts and historical accuracy enthusiasts alike.

This acrylic paint set is essential for modelers aiming to recreate the intricate interior details of King Tiger tanks and similar German armored vehicles from the later stages of World War II. Perfect for achieving realistic and historically accurate results in scale modeling projects.

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