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Wet Palette

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The GSW Wet Palette is designed to extend the usability of acrylic paints by delaying their natural drying process. This allows for longer painting sessions without wasting paint, making it ideal for miniature painters.

Key Features:

  • Size: 182x132mm useful work area.
  • Components: Includes 1 wet palette tray with a lid, a 50-sheet refill of sulphurized semi-permeable paper, 2 sanitized sponges, 1 elastic band, and a comprehensive instruction manual.
  • Hydro Paper: Sulphurized semi-permeable paper that absorbs water without letting paint through.
  • Hydro Foams: High-thickness hydrophilic foam pads treated to prevent mold and impurities.

The GSW Wet Palette is an essential tool for miniature painters, especially in warm and dry environments. Its design keeps paint fresh and usable for extended periods, enhancing the painting experience.

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