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Magic Sculpt Putty


What is Magic Sculpt?

It is an epoxy putty acclaimed by hobbyists and professionals alike and holds a notable position in the realm of arts, crafts, and DIY repairs. With its unique blend of versatility, ease of use, and excellent performance, it provides a transformative experience for those working with it. 

Magic Sculpt is a two-part epoxy putty that hardens at room temperature. It's a substance renowned for its flexibility and strength. Once the resin and hardener are mixed, you're provided with a workable timeframe of 90-120 minutes for molding and detailing. This period is ample for meticulous work, from fine crafting to intricate repairs.


(i) This set contains 200gr. of Magic Sculpt Putty packed in metal premium aluminum jars to improve its preservation.

How to use Magic Sculpt epoxy clay?

The resin-to-hardener ratio can be adjusted to fit your project's specific demands. By increasing the amount of resin relative to the hardener, you can obtain a softer putty. This kind of mixture is perfect for crafting more elaborate and delicate features such as the texture of clothing or the definition of muscles in sculptures.

Combining it with other epoxy putties can give different results and on its own, it has a texture and finish similar to the green putty + Milliput mixture.

It is adherent while soft, not very elastic, and offers more drying time than other epoxy putties. If we mix it by adding twice as much resin as hardener, we get a softer putty and suitable for the most laborious details such as clothes and muscles.

When working with it we will have to always keep the tools wet, preferably with water, liquid petroleum jelly, or alcohol. It is highly recommended to use brushes with silicone tips or color shapers for smoothing. The longer we let it dry, the harder and more consistent it will be to be able to sand it and/or work reliefs.

Successful Working Techniques and Tools

Proper handling of this epoxy putty is a cornerstone to achieving optimal results. It's vital to keep your tools moist with water, liquid petroleum jelly, or alcohol while working with the putty. This approach prevents it from adhering to the sculpting tools and aids in smoother application. Brushes equipped with silicone tips or color shapers are especially recommended for obtaining a polished finish.

Drying Time and Post-Cure Processing

The curing period is crucial to the final product's hardness and consistency. The longer is left to dry, the harder and sturdier it becomes. This characteristic makes it an excellent candidate for further procedures such as sanding or creating intricate reliefs.

Durability, Heat Resistance, and Proper Storage

Apart from its crafting attributes, This material is also celebrated for its durability. It can tolerate high temperatures of up to 130ºC, which is a testament to its resilience. However, the effectiveness of this material relies heavily on proper storage. It typically comes in two individual aluminum cans designed to enhance its longevity. By ensuring these cans are well-sealed and stored in a cool, dry place after each use, you can extend the material's shelf life significantly.

Safety First: Precautions with Magic Sculpt

Safety should never be compromised when working with any crafting material, including magic sculpt epoxy clay. Make sure you operate in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling any potential fumes. Using gloves to avoid direct skin contact is also a good practice.


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