Green Stuff World

Decal Softener


The Decal Softener by Green Stuff World is a solution designed to apply decals smoothly on uneven or rough surfaces, ensuring a perfect fit and finish.

Key Features

  • Softens Decals: Allows decals to adapt and adhere perfectly to model surfaces.
  • Wrinkle Removal: Helps remove wrinkles on curved surfaces.
  • Content: 1x 17ml bottle.
  • Instructions: Apply on curved surfaces, let react, and repeat 2-3 times if necessary. Remove excess with a cotton swab or paper towel.

The Decal Softener ensures flawless decal application on challenging surfaces, making it a must-have for achieving professional results in model making.

If the surface where you want to apply the flat decal is curved, like a shoulder pad, your decal could become wrinkled. To avoid this, once your decal is in place, apply GSW Decal Softener. Let the softener react and it will help remove wrinkles, as it adapts to the curved surface underneath. Repeat this step 2-3 times till wrinkles are removed.
Remove any excess with a cotton swab to remove the liquid caught between the decal and the surface. Roll the swab over the decal so it does not lift from the surface. You can also use a paper towel to press down on the decal in a rolling motion to remove the excess of liquids. By using GSW Decal Softener the relief cuts to remove wrinkles in your decal will not be needed.

Postage & Returns

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Returns accepted up to 30 days after date of purchase.