Green Stuff World

Quartz Magenta


Quartz Magenta is a Candy Ink from Green Stuff World, part of their range of Candy Acrylic Inks known for their excellent brightness and transparency. They are ideal for modifying metals, gems, glass, lights, visors, and more to intensify their colors.

Key Features:

  • Application: Can be applied by brush or airbrush.
    • Brush Application: Yields a lacquered, intense finish. Must dry completely to avoid affecting properties.
    • Airbrush Application: Produces thinner color filters, suitable for modifying chameleon colors and other metallic or transparent effects.
  • Drying Time: Dries fast, leaving a glossy and smooth finish.
  • Volume: Contains 17 ml of ink.
  • Compatibility: Do not use with alcohol-based thinners; compatible with GSW thinner and airbrush cleaner.

Quartz Magenta Candy Ink by Green Stuff World is a versatile paint suitable for hobbyists and professionals looking to achieve vibrant and glossy finishes on various materials. It offers excellent transparency and brightness, making it an essential tool for creating colorful and eye-catching effects.

*NOTE: Do not use this paint with alcohol based thinners as it damages the paint and could clog the airbrush. The GSW thinner and airbrush cleaner are perfectly compatible with this Paint.

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