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The Rubicon Models 1/56 scale German Stowage Set 2 is a comprehensive plastic kit designed to enhance the realism and detail of dioramas, vehicles, or infantry units depicting German forces during World War II. This set includes a wide array of stowage items, equipment, and personal gear commonly used by German troops, providing versatility and authenticity to miniature scenes.

Key Features
Stowage Items and Equipment:
Anti-Tank Weapons: Includes Panzerschreck and Panzerfaust, alongside storage crates.
Explosives: Features Hafthohlladung (shaped charge) and Tellermine 35 and 42 mines with carrying cases.
Firearms: Various firearms such as the MP40 submachine gun, Kar98K rifle, and magazines for MG15 and DT15.
Vehicle Equipment: Tank C-hooks and lift jacks ranging from 5t to 20t capacities.
Tools: Includes tools like pickaxe, wire-cutter, axes, hammers, and shovel.
Tarpaulins and Nets: Various tarpaulins including camo nets and canvas rolls for vehicle and terrain cover.
Personal Gear: Infantry webbing with water bottles, field canteens, bedroll, shovel, and knapsack.
Miscellaneous: Bicycle "Truppenfahrrad" and Torn.Fu.d2 field radio set.
Footwear: M39 jackboots and M43 low boots for infantry figures.
Versatility and Application
Historical Accuracy: Provides a detailed selection of equipment and personal items used by German troops during World War II, enhancing the authenticity of miniature scenes.
Customization Options: Allows for customization of dioramas or miniature models with a range of stowage and equipment choices, suitable for depicting various scenarios and periods of the war.
Educational and Modeling Value: Appeals to modelers, collectors, and wargamers interested in German military history, offering both visual appeal and educational value through detailed representation of equipment and gear.
Scale: Designed for 1/56 scale (28mm) miniatures, suitable for integration with various wargaming systems and tabletop scenarios involving German forces.

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