German Infantry Weapons Set 1/35


Complete your WWII dioramas with the Tamiya 1/35 Scale German Infantry Weapons Set. This plastic model assembly kit offers a comprehensive array of armament typically used by German infantry, adding an extra layer of authenticity to your military scenes.

Key Features:

Detailed Weaponry: The set includes a wide variety of firearms and accessories, accurately replicating the armament used by WWII German infantry.
Comprehensive Set: Features an array of weapons including Luger P08 and Walther P38 pistols, Kar98K and G41 rifles, MP40 submachine guns, MP44 selective fire rifles, Pz.B.39 anti-tank rifles, MG34 and MG42 machine guns, magnetic mines, and the Panzerfaust.
Additional Accessories: Includes tripods, ammo cases, and other essential equipment to enhance the realism of your diorama.
Kit Contents:

Pistols: Luger P08 and Walther P38
Rifles: Kar98K and G41
Submachine Guns: MP40
Selective Fire Rifles: MP44
Anti-Tank Rifles: Pz.B.39
Machine Guns: MG34 and MG42
Anti-Tank Weapon: Panzerfaust
Accessories: Tripods, ammo cases, magnetic mines, and more
Additional Information:

Scale: 1:35, ideal for matching with other 1:35 scale models.
Assembly Required: This plastic model kit requires assembly.
Note: Paint and glue are not included and must be purchased separately.
Enhance your WWII dioramas with the Tamiya 1/35 Scale German Infantry Weapons Set. This kit provides a detailed and comprehensive selection of weaponry, perfect for adding depth and authenticity to your model scenes.

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