German Africa Corps Luftwaffe Artillery Crew 35343 1/35


The exploits of Rommel and his Africa Corps are legendary among WWII enthusiasts, and now you can bring that history to life with Tamiya's highly realistic figure set depicting Luftwaffe personnel assigned to the Africa Corps. This meticulously detailed 1/35 scale model kit includes eight figures in a variety of authentic poses, perfect for creating dynamic dioramas.

Key Features:

Eight Detailed Figures: Includes an officer barking orders, a non-commissioned officer in shorts, soldiers handling shells and a rangefinder, and more.
Comprehensive Accessories: Parts to recreate explosive and armor-piercing shells, empty rounds, a shell rack, rangefinder, shovel, hammer, and additional tools.
Versatile Integration: Use with any of Tamiya's extensive range of 1/35 scale Africa Corps models to enhance your diorama with authentic detail and action.
About Luftwaffe Units in the Africa Corps:
Rommel's Africa Corps featured Luftwaffe anti-aircraft units equipped with formidable 88mm guns, versatile enough for both ground-to-air and anti-armor engagements. These units were crucial in countering enemy aircraft and armored vehicles, contributing significantly to the Africa Corps' operational success.

Uniform Details:
Luftwaffe troops in North Africa were issued tropical uniforms similar to those of the Army, but with distinct differences such as a large pocket over the left knee. The lighter sand-colored cloth faded quickly in the harsh sun, resulting in a variety of shades and a weathered, authentic appearance.

Bring your WWII dioramas to life with this exceptional figure set, where each piece adds depth and historical accuracy to your model scenes. The teamwork and versatility of the Luftwaffe units in the Africa Corps are captured in stunning detail, ready to enhance any display.

Product Details:

Scale: 1/35
Figures: 8 Luftwaffe personnel in various poses
Accessories: Explosive and armor-piercing shells, empty rounds, shell rack, rangefinder, shovel, hammer, and more
Compatibility: Ideal for use with Tamiya's 1/35 scale Africa Corps subjects
Elevate your diorama with the precision and authenticity of this Luftwaffe personnel set, celebrating the strategic brilliance and resilience of Rommel's famed Africa Corps.

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