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Pine Forest Ground Cover


Create a lush and realistic pine forest floor for your miniature bases with Base Ready Pine Forest Ground Cover. This custom hand-mixed mixture of sands, gravels, foams, static grass, and aggregates is perfect for recreating the undergrowth of a pine forest, with all its needles, leaves, and twigs.

Base Ready Pine Forest Ground Cover is incredibly easy to use. Simply apply a coat of Fast Drying Basing Glue to your miniature's base, then sprinkle or dip into the Base Ready. You can also use your fingers to press the Base Ready into place to create different textures. Once you're satisfied with the result, simply finish with a spray of Sealant.

Base Ready Pine Forest Ground Cover is perfect for a variety of miniature wargames and Tabletop games, as well as model railroading and other hobby projects. It's also a great way to add detail and realism to your miniatures, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned hobbyist.

Example Uses:

  • Create a pine forest base for your Sylvaneth army in Warhammer Age of Sigmar.
  • Create a forest battleground for your Wood Elves army in Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
  • Add detail to the bases of your forest-dwelling creatures, such as elves, dryads, and centaurs.
  • Create a realistic base for your model railroad train station in the middle of a forest.
  • Add a touch of realism to your model diorama of a forest clearing.
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