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Civilian Vehicles Weathering Set


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This weathering set is designed specifically for enhancing the realism of civilian vehicles, providing a combination of washes, streaking effects, earth tones, and rust effects. Whether for scale models of cars, trucks, or construction machinery, these products are formulated to achieve authentic weathering effects, enhancing the overall appearance of the model.

Set Includes:

MIG1007 Modern Vehicles Wash: A wash designed to create realistic dirt and grime effects on modern civilian vehicles, adding depth and enhancing details.

MIG1406 Damp Earth: Used to simulate damp and muddy conditions, perfect for depicting vehicles operating in wet environments or after rain.

MIG1204 Streaking Rust Effects: Facilitates the creation of streaks of rust running down surfaces, ideal for showing aging and weathering on metal parts of vehicles.

MIG3007 Dark Earth: Provides a realistic earth tone, useful for simulating dirt, dust, and mud accumulation on various parts of the vehicle.

MIG042 Old Rust Acrylic: A specific rust effect paint that adds aged and weathered rust appearance to metal surfaces, enhancing realism.

Key Features:

Versatile Application: Each product can be used individually or combined to achieve a wide range of weathering effects suitable for different types of civilian vehicles.

Realistic Effects: Formulated to replicate natural weathering processes such as dirt accumulation, rust streaks, and earth tones, enhancing the authenticity of scale models.

Acrylic Formulation: All products are acrylic-based, ensuring ease of use with both brush and airbrush techniques, and allowing for easy cleanup with water.

Non-Toxic and Odorless: Safe to use, with no harmful fumes or odors, making them suitable for indoor use and ensuring user comfort.

Convenient Packaging: Each jar includes a stainless steel agitator for thorough mixing, ensuring consistent application and quality of the product.

Recommended Thinner: MIG -2000 Acrylic Thinner is recommended for thinning paints and washes for optimal application and flow.

Drying Time: Dries completely within 24 hours, allowing for subsequent layers or additional detailing without delays.

This weathering set is an essential tool for modelers seeking to realistically weather and enhance the appearance of civilian vehicles in scale modeling projects. It provides a comprehensive range of products specifically chosen to achieve professional-level weathering effects with ease and accuracy.

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