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Civil Engines Weathering Set


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This weathering set is specifically designed for enhancing the realism of civilian engines and mechanical surfaces, offering a selection of enamels and pigments tailored for creating authentic weathering effects. Whether for scale models of automobiles, tractors, or other machinery, these products are formulated to simulate grease, oil stains, dirt, and general wear and tear commonly seen on engines and mechanical components.

Set Includes:

MIG1407 Engine Grime: An enamel product designed to replicate accumulated grime, grease, and dirt on engine surfaces, providing depth and realism.

MIG1408 Fresh Engine Oil: Enamel that simulates the appearance of fresh oil leaks and spills, adding authenticity to engine and mechanical components.

MIG1005 Dark Brown Wash for Green Vehicles: Specifically formulated wash to create realistic stains and weathering effects on green vehicles, ideal for depicting aged and weathered engine compartments.

MIG3001 Black Pigment: Essential black pigment for creating soot, exhaust stains, and other dark weathering effects on engine components.

MIG3014 Russian Earth Pigments: A pigment ideal for adding earth-toned weathering effects, such as dust and dirt accumulation, to engine surfaces and mechanical parts.

Key Features:

Versatile Application: Each product is tailored for different types of weathering effects, allowing for comprehensive weathering of engine compartments and mechanical surfaces.

Realistic Effects: Formulated to replicate natural weathering processes such as grease, oil stains, dirt, and exhaust residues, enhancing the authenticity of scale models.

Enamel and Pigment Combination: Provides a balanced approach with both enamel products and pigments, offering flexibility in achieving various textures and effects.

Suitable for Various Models: Ideal for weathering engines and mechanical surfaces of automobiles, tractors, and other civilian vehicles, enhancing the overall realism of scale modeling projects.

Convenient Packaging: Each product is packaged in jars with stainless steel agitators for thorough mixing, ensuring consistent application and quality.

Recommended Thinner: Use appropriate thinners for enamels and pigments to achieve optimal consistency and application results.

Non-Toxic and Odorless: Safe to use with minimal odor, suitable for indoor use and ensuring user comfort during application.

Drying Time: Enamels and pigments dry effectively within 24 hours, allowing for subsequent detailing or additional layers as needed.

This Civil Engines Weathering Set is an essential tool for modelers looking to add realistic weathering effects to civilian engine compartments and mechanical surfaces in scale modeling projects. It offers a comprehensive range of products specifically chosen to achieve professional-level weathering results with ease and accuracy.

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