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CCKW-353 2½ Ton 6X6 Truck (GMC) 280037 1/56


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The Rubicon Models GMC CCKW-353 2½ ton 6x6 Truck kit in 1/56 (28mm) scale provides a detailed and historically accurate model of the famous "Deuce and a Half" truck that was crucial to the Allied efforts during World War II. Here's an in-depth look at the model and its historical background:

GMC CCKW-353 2½ Ton 6x6 Truck
Historical Background:

Development and Role: The GMC CCKW-353, known as the "Deuce and a Half," was a versatile and reliable cargo truck used extensively by the US Army and Allies during World War II. It was the backbone of the Red Ball Express, a logistics operation that kept Allied forces supplied after the Normandy invasion.
Production and Variants: Introduced in 1941, the CCKW was produced in two main versions: a short wheelbase (145 inches) for artillery towing and a long wheelbase (164 inches) for general cargo. The truck could carry 12 soldiers in addition to the driver and was available in various specialized configurations, including tankers and radio trucks. Production included both enclosed and open cab models, with later models featuring open cabs to save materials and space.
Post-War Service: The CCKW continued in service well after WWII, being gradually replaced by the M35 in the 1950s but remaining in use with many nations into the 1990s.
Technical Specifications:

Design: The CCKW's design included features for all-wheel drive ("K") and dual rear axles ("W"), providing robust off-road capabilities. It was powered by a reliable engine that ensured its effectiveness in diverse terrains and conditions.
Product Highlights:
Scale: 1/56 (28mm), suitable for tabletop gaming and display.
Detailed Features:
Single-Piece Moulding: The cabin and canvas canopy are moulded as single pieces for easier assembly while maintaining detailed accuracy.
Optional Components: The kit includes options for an MG gun ring mount and a winch, enhancing its versatility and realism.
Customizable Canopy and Tailgate: Modelers can choose between open or closed rear tarpaulin covers and tailgates, allowing for personalized assembly.
Figures Included: Driver and gunner figures are included to add further detail and realism to the model.

Open Cab: Reflects the later war production models designed to save materials.
Canvas Roof Option: Provides flexibility in depicting different operational configurations.
Machine Gun Ring Mount: Can be added to depict armed transport versions.
Winch Option: Adds detail for models representing trucks equipped for recovery and towing.
This model kit is ideal for enthusiasts of military history and WWII model collectors. The GMC CCKW-353 played a critical role in ensuring the mobility and supply of Allied forces, and this detailed model captures the essence of this iconic vehicle.

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