British Heavy Cruiser Norfolk 05669 1/700


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Introducing the Aoshima 05669 - 1/700 British Heavy Cruiser HMS Norfolk, a meticulously crafted model kit that allows you to recreate one of the Royal Navy's distinguished heavy cruisers. This highly detailed 1/700 scale model offers enthusiasts and collectors a chance to build and own a piece of naval history.

Key Features:
Highly Detailed Parts: This kit features precision-molded parts that capture the intricate details of the HMS Norfolk, ensuring a realistic and accurate representation of the original vessel.

1/700 Scale: The 1/700 scale strikes a perfect balance between size and detail, making it an ideal display piece without compromising on the intricacies of the design.

Authentic Decals: The included decal sheet provides accurate markings and insignia, enhancing the authenticity of your finished model.

Quality Materials: Made from high-quality plastic, this model kit ensures durability and a professional finish upon completion.

Comprehensive Instructions: The kit comes with easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions, making the assembly process straightforward and enjoyable for modelers of all skill levels.

The HMS Norfolk was a County-class heavy cruiser of the Royal Navy, serving with distinction during World War II. Known for her involvement in significant naval engagements, including the hunt for the German battleship Bismarck, the HMS Norfolk holds a revered place in naval history.

Box Contents:
Sprues with detailed parts
Decal sheet with accurate markings
Illustrated instruction manual
Ideal For:
Naval History Enthusiasts: Perfect for those who appreciate detailed and accurate naval vessel models.
Collectors: A great addition to any collection of naval ships, particularly those focusing on World War II-era vessels.
Hobbyists: Suitable for hobbyists looking for a challenging and rewarding build that offers a deep dive into naval craftsmanship.
Recreate the elegance and power of the HMS Norfolk with the Aoshima 05669 model kit. Order now to experience the satisfaction of building a highly detailed and historically significant naval vessel.

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