British Aircraft Carrier HMS Illustrious 05104 1/700


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Step back into the annals of naval history with this 1/700 scale model kit of the Illustrious class aircraft carrier, one of the Royal Navy's most significant warship classes during World War II. This model beautifully captures the essence and engineering marvel of the Illustrious class, making it a must-have for history buffs and model enthusiasts alike.

Historical Significance:
The first ship in this renowned class, HMS Illustrious, was laid down on April 27, 1937, launched on April 5, 1939, and commissioned on May 25, 1940. The Illustrious class aircraft carriers played a pivotal role during World War II, showcasing exceptional resilience and firepower.

Key Features:
Anti-Aircraft Armament: Faithfully replicates the extensive anti-aircraft armament that these carriers relied on for defense against aerial attacks.
Armoured Flight Deck: The model accurately portrays the innovative armoured flight deck, which had a thickness of 3 inches, designed to withstand 1,000-pound bombs.
Armoured Hangar: Features the armoured box-like hangar integral to the ship's structure, offering a realistic representation of the carrier's passive defense mechanism.
Scale Precision: Crafted at a 1/700 scale, this model ensures attention to detail and accuracy, providing an authentic glimpse into the ship's construction and design.
Ideal For:
History Enthusiasts: Perfect for those who appreciate the strategic and historical importance of naval warfare during World War II.
Model Building Hobbyists: A challenging and rewarding project that offers a detailed and accurate build experience.
Collectors: An essential addition to any collection, showcasing a piece of naval engineering excellence.
What’s Included:
Precision-cut plastic parts for an accurate recreation of the Illustrious class aircraft carrier.
Decals and stickers for authentic detailing.
Comprehensive assembly instructions for a straightforward building process.
Once assembled, this model stands as a testament to your craftsmanship and dedication, making it a stunning centerpiece for any display. Whether you're a seasoned model builder or a history enthusiast, this 1/700 Illustrious Class Aircraft Carrier Model Kit offers an engaging and educational journey through one of the most crucial periods in naval history.

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