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Ba-10 Heavy Armoured Car 280085 1/56


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The Rubicon Models BA-10 Heavy Armoured Car kit provides an accurate and detailed representation of this important Soviet armoured vehicle. Developed from earlier models, the BA-10 saw extensive use in various conflicts before and during World War II. This kit offers modelers the chance to recreate this historic vehicle with multiple build options and detailed components.

Historical Background
Development and Production:

The BA-10 (Broneavtomobil 10) was developed in 1938 and produced until 1941, with a total of 3,311 units built in three main versions: BA-10, BA-10M (with a new radio), and BA-10ZhD (equipped for dual railway/road use).
The design was based on the earlier BA-3 and BA-6 models, incorporating an improved GAZ-AAA chassis and better armor.
The vehicle could be converted to a half-track by fitting auxiliary tracks to the rear wheels, enhancing its mobility on snow or soft ground.
Combat History:

The BA-10 first saw action against the Japanese in Manchuria during the Battle of Khalkhin Gol in 1939.
It participated in all Soviet military operations and campaigns from 1939 to 1940.
During World War II, the BA-10 was used on the Eastern Front but became less common after the winter of 1941-42, eventually being replaced by light tanks like the T-60 and T-70.
Some BA-10s remained in service as late as 1943 on the Leningrad front, and captured units were used by Axis powers in Europe.
In May 1945, a few BA-10s were used by the ROA during the Prague uprising, and the vehicle remained in Red Army service until the end of the war.
Product Features
Scale: 1/56 (28mm)
Kit Contents:
Turret Options: Includes parts to build with either open or closed turret hatches.
Chassis: Features a one-piece chassis for straightforward assembly.
Auxiliary Tracks: Optional auxiliary tracks can be added to replicate the half-track configuration.
Additional Highlights:
The kit allows for the creation of a highly detailed and historically accurate model.
Provides flexibility in assembly, catering to both novice and experienced modelers.
Includes instructions for easy assembly and customization.
Assembly and Display
Modeling Experience: The BA-10 kit is designed to offer a rewarding building experience, with clear instructions and detailed parts that capture the vehicle's historical essence.
Display Potential: The completed model can be showcased in various dioramas, representing its use in different theaters of war, from the early battles in Manchuria to the Eastern Front and the Prague uprising.
Historical Accuracy: The kit accurately depicts the BA-10's features and options, ensuring an authentic representation of this significant armoured car.
The Rubicon Models BA-10 Heavy Armoured Car kit is an excellent addition to any historical model collection. It provides a detailed and versatile model of one of the Soviet Union's most produced and used pre-1941 heavy armoured cars. With its flexible build options and accurate representation, this kit is perfect for modelers interested in World War II history and Soviet military vehicles.

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