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3.7Cm Flak 43 With Sdah 58 Trailer & Crew 280074 1/56


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The Rubicon Models 3.7cm Flak 43 with SdAh 58 Trailer & Crew kit offers a detailed representation of a German anti-aircraft gun from World War II. Here's an overview of the product:

Historical Background
3.7cm Flak 43: The 3.7cm Flak 43 was a German anti-aircraft gun widely used during World War II. It replaced the earlier 3.7cm Flak 36 and was known for its effectiveness against both aircraft and ground targets. The Flak 43 featured a redesigned carriage and improved performance compared to its predecessor.

SdAh 58 Trailer: The SdAh 58 trailer was designed to transport and deploy the 3.7cm Flak 43. It facilitated the mobility of the gun, allowing it to be towed by various vehicles, enhancing its tactical flexibility on the battlefield.

Product Features
Scale: 1/56 (28mm)
Kit Contents: Includes parts to assemble the 3.7cm Flak 43 anti-aircraft gun along with the SdAh 58 trailer.
Crew Figures: Detailed crew figures are included, adding realism and context to the model. These figures are essential for depicting the operation of the Flak 43.
Additional Detailing: Provides optional accessories and ammunition crates to enhance realism and customization of the model.
Compatibility: Can be integrated with other Rubicon Models kits or diorama elements for expanded display options and historical contexts.
Assembly and Display
Modeling Experience: Suitable for hobbyists and collectors interested in World War II military history and modeling. Offers a challenging yet rewarding assembly process.
Educational Value: Offers insights into the tactical use and deployment of anti-aircraft weaponry during World War II, making it ideal for historical displays and dioramas.
Versatile Display Options: Suitable for standalone display or integration into larger dioramas depicting military engagements, air defense operations, or logistical scenarios.
The Rubicon Models 3.7cm Flak 43 with SdAh 58 Trailer & Crew kit authentically recreates a significant anti-aircraft gun used by the German military during World War II. It includes detailed crew figures and optional accessories, appealing to enthusiasts seeking historical accuracy and modeling challenge.

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