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17 Pdr Gun 280115 1/56

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The Rubicon Models 1/56 scale Ordnance QF 25-pounder / QF 17-pdr Gun model kit is a detailed representation of two iconic British artillery pieces used during World War II. The Ordnance QF 25-pounder was a versatile field gun and howitzer widely used by British and Commonwealth forces, known for its mobility, rate of fire, and effectiveness in both high-angle and direct-fire roles. The QF 17-pdr, initially developed to counter the heavier German tanks, served as a potent anti-tank gun, mounted on its own carriage or adapted on the carriage of the 25-pounder during its early deployment.

Historical Significance:

Ordnance QF 25-pounder: Introduced just before World War II, the 25-pounder became the standard British field artillery piece well into the 1960s. It saw extensive service in various theatres and remained a crucial part of British and Commonwealth artillery units.
Ordnance QF 17-pdr: Developed as a response to the increasing armor of German tanks, the 17-pdr played a significant role in anti-tank operations, initially deployed in improvised mounts on the carriage of the 25-pounder.
Ammunition and Capability:

25-pounder: Fired separate ammunition with various types including high-explosive shells, smoke shells, and limited anti-tank rounds.
17-pdr: Designed primarily for anti-tank use, firing solid armor-piercing rounds with high muzzle velocities critical for penetrating enemy tank armor.
Kit Features
Build Options:

Choice of Guns: Build either a QF 25-pounder field gun & howitzer or a QF 17/25-pdr anti-tank gun, providing versatility in modeling different artillery roles.
Gun Barrel Choices: Includes options for Mk I or Mk II gun barrels for the 25-pounder, allowing customization based on historical accuracy or personal preference.
Deployment Options: Can be assembled in transport mode with the limber or deployed mode, enhancing display flexibility.
Limber and Accessories:

Limber (Trailer, Artillery, No 27): Included with the kit, featuring open or closed limber doors.
Ammo Boxes and Crew: Comes with various ammo types, spent shells, and a set of 5 British artillery crew figures specifically for the North African campaign.
Detailed Components:

The kit features meticulous details throughout, capturing the intricate design of the 25-pounder and 17-pdr guns, as well as the functionality of the limber and ammunition accessories.
Educational and Display Value
This model kit is ideal for historical enthusiasts, collectors, and wargamers interested in British and Commonwealth artillery of World War II. The inclusion of multiple build options, detailed accessories, and crew figures enhances its educational and display value, offering a comprehensive look at these pivotal artillery pieces and their operational use during the war.

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