Green Stuff World - Chrome Paints

Discover how to master these incredible paints - watch this tutorial from Green Stuff World on applying striking reflective metal finishes using their extensive range of "Chrome paints".

Green Stuff World - Chrome Paints

How to Achieve a Chrome Finish with Green Stuff World’s Chrome Paints:

1. Black Primer: Apply a black primer for optimal adhesion. This is especially important if you’re applying the chrome paint via airbrush. Ensure the primer is completely dry, typically within 4-8 hours depending on temperature.

2. Application Techniques: When using a brush, apply a generous amount of product, avoiding dragging the bristles to prevent marks. Think quick, light strokes instead of heavy, saturating ones.

3. Colour Options: Chrome paints are currently available in Gold, Antique Gold, Copper, Tinplate, Bronze and Black. For best results, select the one that most suits your needs by itself. Applying washes can significantly diminish the finish. Alternatively, try a small amount of transparent candy ink for subtle colouring without compromising the mirror effect.

4. Layering: It’s best to apply this paint in a single layer. It will dissolve previous layers of the same paint, so layering won’t add anything and may result in loss of detail.

By following these steps, you can achieve the mirror-like finish Green Stuff World’s Chrome paints are so famous for.

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