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Fluorescent paints contain pigments that emit light when exposed to ultraviolet UV light, making them ideal for various applications in art, crafts, and safety marking. Available in a wide range of vibrant shades, these paints provide an intense glow not typically provided by traditional paints.

Green Stuff World - Fluorescent Paints

How To Use Florescent Acrylic Paints

Their vivid hues are attributed to fluorescence, where the pigments absorb UV radiation and emit visible light, resulting in exceptionally bright colours under UV light. Green Stuff World's fluorescent acrylic paints boast highly pigmented and vibrant shades, offering smooth application and consistent coverage. When applied over white, they illuminate brightly under ultraviolet or black light, perfect for creating eye-catching miniatures and dioramas. Unleash your creativity with endless possibilities using these vibrant paints!

Here are some tips for using Green Stuff World’s fluorescent acrylic paints effectively:

1. Start with a white or light-coloured surface: Fluorescent paints appear most vibrant on white or light-coloured surfaces, enhancing their brightness and intensity.

2. Apply thin layers: These paints can be somewhat transparent, so apply multiple thin layers to achieve the desired level of brightness and coverage.

3. Check your work with a UV torch: Fluor paints will be activated under UV light, so use one during painting to ensure you’re getting the effect you want. You can grab a UV torch here.

4. Varnish your work: Protect your finished piece and enhance its durability, especially if it will be frequently handled, by applying a varnish.

5. Experiment with colour mixing: Fluorescent paints can be mixed to create custom colours, so feel free to experiment with different combinations to achieve your desired shade. Remember, fluorescent paints require UV light to activate their glowing effect and won't glow in natural light alone.

By following these steps, you can achieve the fluorescent glow Green Stuff World’s Fluor range is so acclaimed for amongst hobbyists.

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